2016 Can Prove to be New Record-Setting Year for Sustainability Industry Investments

2016 Can Prove to be New Record-Setting Year for Sustainability Industry Investments

After investments of $329.3B worldwide in 2015, industry outlook doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

As a sign of both significant potential and lucrative returns based on prevailing conditions, the sustainability industry continues its upward trend of global investments. Unlike other industries and overall markets, the sustainability industry provides favorable conditions because it addresses underlying shortcomings that all businesses, industries, and communities need to address—including the increasing costs of resources, waste remediation, commodity production amidst fluctuating markets, and more. And in this sector, Team Gemini and its emerging delegation of team members continue to work persistently on solutions for a variety of industry needs.

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance and financial analysts, investments in sustainability have a very favorable outlook for 2016, including from mainstream investors from the U.S.:

Investment in clean energy increased in China, Africa, the U.S., Latin America and India, driving the world total to its highest ever figure of $329.3B, up 4 percent from 2014 and beating the previous record set in 2011 by 3 percent.

While globally investors have already “woken up” to the potential of clean energy [the] fact that 2016 could see more U.S. investors entering the market is huge. That’s because the U.S. has the largest equity market in the world and U.S. investors make up a healthy portion of it.

The project finance market doubled in North America in the past two years said Thomas Emmons, Managing Director, Head of Renewable Energy Finance, Americas for Rabobank, New York Branch. “In 2015, renewables were up 70 percent to $17B from last year, and that big growth occurred in both wind and solar,” he said. Compared to the other energy sectors including oil and gas, renewables were the big winner. “In some ways, 2015 was the year that renewables moved into first place in power generation volume,” he said.

Emmons said that about 104 banks were active in the sector in 2015, up 50 percent from 2013. He added that the big news was the size of the loans. In 2015, 20 banks lent more than $1B compared to 12 banks lending over $1B in 2014. “The big players are doing more and more,” he said. While there are plenty of banks in the sector, Emmons said that he believes even more will enter the space in 2016.

In an effort to make more communities sustainable, Team Gemini works closely with commodity-intensive industries, municipalities, and other stakeholders to implement viable technology configurations that result in economic and other benefits. Banks and investment firms are essential in making these projects a reality. Thanks to Team Gemini’s diverse applications in sustainability, investors can cover a large portfolio of opportunities.

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