2G Energy Inc.®

Providing comprehensive services and implementation of modular, skit-mounted Combined Heat and Power systems, 2G Energy Inc.® provides one of the main outlets for power provisions for a variety of applications.

2G Energy Inc.® is a manufacturer dedicated to the production of decentralized power generation systems, providing customers with advanced CHP (combined heat & power) cogeneration technologies. The company maintains a “Best-In-Class” product portfolio. 2G’s co-generation power plants guarantee extreme high energy efficiency. The company offers integrated and commercially attractive solutions, highly efficient distributed energy technologies, and advanced clean low-emission systems to generate electricity and heat, while reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Unlike other suppliers that offer standard gas generator sets, or ultra-low-efficient micro turbines, often mistakenly construed as biogas, or natural gas CHP systems, 2G provides unparalleled and genuine CHP systems that are especially designed and manufactured for a wide variety of gaseous fuels, delivering maximum value and functionality.

Offering a two-for-one value in generating both thermal energy and electricity, 2G works with Team Gemini to implement a wide-ranging solution set for renewable energy production. From small-scale energy production units ideal for farms, to a tailored combination of multiple CHPs to provide 100% electricity and thermal energy for large-scale industrial operations, there are few energy needs that cannot be met. Additionally, Team Gemini works to apply CHP technologies in novel ways, such as in expediting the growing process in greenhouse applications. Technologies include items like: options for biogas, certified natural gas, and landfill gas; gas filtration and cleaning/drying; and CO2 catalyzation.

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