A3-USA, Inc.

Providing full-fledged water filtration technologies and design services, A3-USA is integral in providing methods of relieving stress on one of our most precious resources, and providing added economic value to existing business operations.

A3-USA is a privately held company located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that engineers, constructs, delivers, and commissions membrane plants in the United States. They offer services from conceptual planning through construction completion and plant commissioning using a highly motivated team approach. A3-USA is the sole distributor of A3-GmbH’s ultrafiltration plate membranes and nrw Anlagentechnik GmbH‘s CONTEC coarse & fine screens for the North American market.

Providing engineering, manufacturer technologies, and other project development and implementation assets, A3-USA is an integral Team Gemini partner in water treatment solutions. Whether it’s for small-scale applications like farms, or municipal-sized water treatment, A3 and Team Gemini offer needed solutions. Technologies include items like: Membrane Bio Reactors; Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis; DAF Systems; Separation Technologies; and liquid Manure Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment.

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