Amidst Challenges of Small Water Systems, Team Gemini offers Solutions

Amidst Challenges of Small Water Systems, Team Gemini offers Solutions

EPA article reflects on Safe Drinking Water Act anniversary, and highlights challenges smaller communities face in maintaining the systems that maintain their safe drinking water.

“Today, more than 94% of the country’s 156,000 drinking water systems are small, serving fewer than 3,300 people. But maintaining those systems can be a real challenge. Having such a small customer base can make it tough to pay for needed repairs, hire and retain qualified operators or plan for future needs. Also, a large number of small water systems are actually schools, campgrounds or restaurants, so water service is not their primary function.”

The challenges become clear—in small communities, water treatment systems that are unwieldy, require great maintenance efforts and expenses, and take a large construction footprint (in other words, most standard systems) offer antiquated solutions to persistent needs. Water treatment and conservation are vital parts of any sustainable community, helping maintain its citizens’ health, creating food sources, and more.

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