Arno Tschunke

Arno Tschunke | Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Advisor

Having been actively engaged as a manager in the Biogas industry since early 2007, Mr. Tschunke has been responsible for business development and project engagements in various international markets, including Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, and France.  With garnered experience in corporate leadership and project acquisition and implementation, Mr. Tschunke expanded his operations by founding and managing enCO2, LLC, a Michigan Limited Liability Company and as a subsidiary of enCO2, GmbH, Germany.

For Team Gemini, and with a focus on the North American market, Arno and his team provides AD engineering and technology gateways to the latest Anaerobic Digestion products, including Upflow-Downflow-Reflow (UDR) patented fermenters that offer industry-leading performance.  With additional technologies like the UDR MonoTube, Arno contributes a wide portfolio of Anaerobic Digestion solutions for Team Gemini’s clients.

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