Artigianfer S.r.l.

Integrating comprehensive design, engineering, and manufacturing services for advanced climate-controlled Greenhouses, Artigianfer S.r.l. contributes needed components for the sustainable agriculture elements of the Gemini Synergy Center.

Artigianfer is an Italian-based greenhouse manufacturer. The company produces from 90 to 150 hectares of greenhouses of various models in a year and has installed over 54 Mega Watts Capacity in Solar Greenhouses in Africa, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Russia, Brazil and Argentina. Their technical department collaborates with experts in photovoltaic systems, agronomists and industry specialists to obtain the best application and technical-economical results in the field. All systems can be certified by the relevant authorities internationally, and meet both the GSE directives and the regulations set forth by the reference IEC standards.

With Team Gemini, Artigianfer offers design, engineering, and manufacturing of key greenhouse structures and components used in our sustainable agriculture projects.

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