Bernhard Arzt

Bernhard Arzt | Refinery Separation Technologies Advisor

Dr. Arzt contributes advanced experience and knowledge in the refinery separation industry.  Professional activities have been focused on the fields of process design, process development, commissioning, acquisition and project management.  With over 30 years’ experience, his projects have included development of horizontal tube evaporators for the desalination of sea water.  These include design and commissioning of water air purification plants in the sugar, food, chemical and environmental industries; solvent recovery plants in food, environmental, pharmaceutical and electronic industries; modern drinking alcohol and bioethanol plants; and 2nd-generation bioethanol plants (i.e. processing of cellulose raw materials).

For Team Gemini, and with Montz Processing Technologies, Dr. Arzt offers insight and innovative technology solutions for highly complex refinery separation projects.  Project Strathmore is one of the first examples of these technologies in action.

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