Businesses Supporting Transition to 100% Renewable Energy Demonstrate Need for Integrated Sustainability Solutions

Businesses Supporting Transition to 100% Renewable Energy Demonstrate Need for Integrated Sustainability Solutions

As global communities and industries increasingly leverage the benefits of sustainable infrastructure and processes, economies of scale become further apparent.

Renewable energy opportunities go beyond providing environmental savings, with businesses and industries reaping many financial and other benefits by optimizing waste streams and resource production. Team Gemini offers numerous technologies to deliver increased energy independence. This includes thermal energy and other utilities needed to operate a business. On top of that, there are many ways to further mitigate dealing with waste streams that emerge from industrial processing. A combination of technologies has the added benefit of solving multiple problems together.

Although businesses are impacted by policy decisions and global economics, an increasing number of them are not waiting to pursue achieving independence through sustainability. And a number of initiatives provide a strong support basis.

RE100, the global initiative committed to 100% renewable electricity, now boasts 100 companies from around the world all committed to the goal of securing 100% of their electricity needs from renewable energy sources, after AA, AkzoNobel, Burberry, and Carlsberg Group all signed on this week.

RE100 is a global initiative created by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP (formerly the Climate Disclosure Project), as part of the We Mean Business Coalition. The initiative’s goal is to advocate for and support companies aiming to secure 100% of their electricity needs from renewable energy sources. Launched at Climate Week NYC 2014, the campaign now has companies from all over the world — in Europe and the US, India, China, and most recently, Japan.

Together, the 100 companies now partnering with RE100 represent a total of 146 terawatt-hours (TWh) annually of renewable electricity demand — a long way from the 13 companies representing 19 TWh the initiative started with.

This represents a growing number of examples showcasing the benefits of sustainability infrastructure. Energy resources for communities are manifold, and include utilities like electricity, thermal energy, and water. Specific to Team Gemini’s offerings in supplying these resources, team members like 2G Energy (combined heat and power), Viessmann (thermal energy et al), ABB (resource management and monitoring), and A3 (wastewater treatment and conservation) come to mind. Beyond these, sustainable agriculture also comes into play, as food resources are critical for survival. These companies, among others, provide outstanding technology and service options to fulfill a variety of energy efficiency needs for countless industries.

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