E.P. Ferris and Associates - Engineering

E.P. Ferris & Associates

Evaluating and delivering a solid foundation for the transport connections between the project’s different components, E.P. Ferris & Associates is a vital team member in making sure the Gemini Synergy Center will hit the road running.

E.P. Ferris & Associates is a leader in the private development and transportation sector of civil engineering.  For the past 25 years their design team has focused on responsible land development, sustainability, minimal environmental impacts, LEED goals and resource management.  Their team can take projects from field surveys to construction documents and inspection while keeping their clients engaged throughout the project.

For Team Gemini, E.P. Ferris & Associates has been providing site civil engineering, roadway design, bridge design, traffic engineering and land surveying services.

To learn more about our Industrial Parks, please use the Contact Page to request information or call us directly at 407.459.8510.