Team Gemini Education Partnerships

Educational collaborations are an investment in Team Gemini’s future, as industry developments and progress can only come from organizations committed to gaining the latest knowledge.

Collaboration with educational and research institutions is deemed a vital component of Team Gemini’s projects.  These education partnerships help in creating a competent workforce; general industry growth; product improvements and developments; grant requests and research opportunities; and quality control.

Case in point, Team Gemini is partnering with The Ohio State University to create a pioneering Bioenergy Associate Degree in the U.S.  Other collaborations include work with the University of Rostock and Leibnitz Institute in Germany, which have ramifications for product development and technology performance (such as selecting the type of fish to be grown in the aquaponic greenhouses there, or supplementing existing anaerobic digesters with processes to boost efficiency).

The potential benefits resulting from working with educational institutions in both the short- and long-term cannot be understated, and thus it continues to be a staple component of the overall working model.

To learn more about Team Gemini’s education initiatives, please use the Contact Page to request information or call us directly at 407.459.8510.