With means of processing organic feedstock and certain other waste, enCO2 provides anaerobic digesters and patented technologies that help maximize resource conservation and turning waste into valuable commodities.

As a subsidiary of enCO2 GmbH out of Freiburg, Germany, enCO2 LLC, Grand Rapids Michigan develops and actualizes concepts, resolutions and systems for renewable energy solutions based on waste and residual materials. enCO2’s unique anaerobic technology is their patented UDR System, an upflow-downflow-reflow digestion system which has an up to 30% higher yield on creating methane gas in comparison to conventional Biogas technologies on the market.  A new, compact Biogas plant—known as the UDR MonoTube—for the first time combines these three previously separate functions into a single container.  The new fermenter features a built-in gas pressure accumulator and benefits from an exceptionally compact design.  All UDR components for the U.S. market are built in Ohio.

enCO2 and Team Gemini are offering UDR and other Anaerobic Digester Solutions together to provide more comprehensive, holistic products and services to its clients.  These technologies will be applied in the bio refinery components of Team Gemini, whether as standalone projects or in combination with other technologies to create a Gemini Synergy Center.

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