EPA Article Highlights Ways in Which Climate Action Drives Innovation and Economic Benefits

EPA Article Highlights Ways in Which Climate Action Drives Innovation and Economic Benefits

Reflecting on evolving policies, including decades-long initiatives, payoffs for the Triple Bottom Line and potential growth for the future continue to be showcased.

As communities grow and see an increasing need to generate and manage resources sustainably, stakeholder efforts to empower this goal continue to play an important part. From initiatives included under different government regulations, to research and development of new technologies, a combination of factors have contributed to the ways in which renewable resources are increasingly becoming important contributors to the economy and building on an advantageous Triple Bottom Line.

“The opportunity to act on climate is already shifting the way Americans do business. More than 1,000 of the world’s largest multinational companies call climate change ‘one of America’s greatest economic opportunities of this century,’ and major banks like Citi Group are investing hundreds of billions in climate and clean energy financing.

“In 2015, a full 60% of the new energy that gets added to our electrical grid will come from wind and solar. That growth expands industries and creates an abundance of opportunities, not only for entrepreneurs, but for people who are seeking good jobs that help them make a difference in their communities. About 2.7 million people now make a living from the clean energy economy, and that number is constantly growing.”

As we learn from useful examples such as those set by EPA Green Power Communities and others, many businesses, individuals, educational institutions, and other groups are taking a proactive approach at growing their economic and environmental livelihood.

On a global scale, these efforts continue with sizeable investments as well, both in terms of financial and policy means. As informatively illustrated by ongoing research from REN21 and their Global Status and Futures reports, investment in renewables has seen growth since 2008 (from 171 billion USD to 214 billion USD in 2013), despite economic downturns in other sectors during and following those years. Government policies to drive development and investment into the industry further support ongoing efforts to bring sustainability to communities.

Team Gemini and its members constantly examine the potential for investments in a variety of technologies and resources. Guided by the idea that it takes a combination of solutions to ultimately become truly sustainable, the options that are available are determined by evolving technologies and investments in them.

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For the original article on the EPA blog, you can check out http://blog.epa.gov/blog/2015/04/climate-action-is-driving-innovation-and-our-economy/.