Financial and Other Benefits of Efficiency Highlighted and Shared in Better Buildings Challenge Partnerships

Financial and Other Benefits of Efficiency Highlighted and Shared in Better Buildings Challenge Partnerships

Success stories of sustainability go beyond producing new renewable energy and other sustainable resources; they also come in the form of significant cost and resource savings by implementing efficient systems.

Savings related to a variety of improved-efficiency applications vary based on the resources being used, such as water, electricity, and thermal energy; as well as specific infrastructure and industry. Team Gemini partners with a variety of technology providers to optimize resource generation and conservation. In order to implement economies of scale for these efforts, a strong case can be made for drawing on national partnerships and project pursuits. These provide more widespread expertise, resources, and improved capacity to implement a variety of working solutions.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced the energy-efficiency progress made by the 345 leading public and private sector organizations in the Better Buildings Challenge. These efforts have led to a combined 240 trillion Btus and an estimated $1.9 billion in cumulative energy and cost savings. These results are summarized in the 2017 Better Buildings Progress Report released today that highlights accomplishments across the broader Better Buildings Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to make commercial, public, industrial, and residential buildings 20 percent more energy efficient over the next decade by focusing on overcoming market barriers and sharing partner-created solutions.

The more than 345 organizations from diverse sectors that have stepped up to the Challenge committed to improve the energy intensity across their entire building portfolio by at least 20 percent within a decade.  These organizations represent more than 4.4 billion square feet of building space, include more than 1,000 industrial facilities, and have committed $7 billion in financing. Partners have shared energy performance results for nearly 38,000 properties. On average, partners are improving by more than 2 percent per year, and are staying on track to meet their energy-savings goals of 20 percent over the next 10 years.

Specific to Team Gemini’s offerings in energy efficiency solutions, team members like 2G Energy (combined heat and power), Viessmann (thermal energy et al), ABB (resource management and monitoring), and A3 (wastewater treatment and conservation) come to mind. These companies, among others, provide outstanding technology and service options to fulfill a variety of energy efficiency needs for countless industries.

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