Financial Institutions May Become Increasingly Urged to Support Sustainability Investments

Financial Institutions May Become Increasingly Urged to Support Sustainability Investments

As global energy portfolios make the transition towards more low-carbon models, reports and investor feedback may play a major role in influencing support of financial institutions.

Financing the infrastructure and technology components for a transition towards more sustainable, low-carbon energy models is a cost-intensive and complicated endeavor. Team Gemini has highlighted guides for renewable energy financing, shifts in fossil fuel outlooks, improving cost competitiveness of renewables, and more to demonstrate a growing movement towards a renewable energy future. Numerous variables play favorably into improving energy investments, policy frameworks, and other factors that play into the feasibility of project developments and investments.

A new report from London-based investment advisory ShareAction has called on investors to use their voting rights to urge banks to play a more proactive role in the transition to a low-carbon economy, by “providing the major injections of capital required to finance technologies, infrastructure and the transition of traditional industries, as well as to cover the costs of adaptation.”

“At a portfolio-wide level, the only way that investors can protect themselves against high-risk climate scenarios is through a timely and economy-wide decarbonisation,” said Catherine Howarth, Chief Executive of ShareAction. “Banks are uniquely placed to help catalyse this transformation. Fiduciary investors seeking to mitigate exposure to climate risks have everything to gain from strategic engagement with the banking sector.”

The report also calls on banks — and investors to urge their banks — to scale up the financing of sectors that are involved in the transition, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate adaptation, etc. Banks also have a tremendous amount of lobbying power that can be used to drive strong policies to help in the transition as well.

Design and development are essential in creating economic viability of any project, as various cost factors, technology configurations and applications, and other details vary from location to location. Team Gemini and its industry connections are part of this process, helping ensure that all requirements are met and implemented for clients to most effectively apply sustainability measures in their operations.

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