Florida Renewable Energy Developer Expands Operations in Europe by Founding German Subsidiary

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August 17, 2012

Orlando-Based Team Gemini pursues renewable energy initiatives in German and European markets

(Orlando, Florida) — Team Gemini LLC (TG), a sustainable project design and development company headquartered in Orlando, Florida, continues to expand its presence in Europe by opening its German subsidiary—Team Gemini Deutschland GmbH—in Rostock, Germany.

Ilonka Haugner, CEO of Team Gemini LLC.

Ilonka Haugner, CEO of Team Gemini LLC.

Located in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, this subsidiary will bring the company’s unique renewable energy and sustainable agriculture developments to a German market that is looking for innovative ideas within the clean-tech industry.

In collaboration with partners in Germany, including the Ministry of Agriculture in Mecklenburg, Team Gemini is already engaging several project opportunities within that state, with possible expansion elsewhere.

“We are very engaged with sustainable-minded clients anywhere that express an interest in implementing green projects that fill a particular void in a local market,” explains Ilonka Haugner, CEO of Team Gemini LLC. “Germany has provided many success stories for the renewable energy industry, but there is room for innovation here as well. We have appreciated the willingness of people here to bring the right resources and opportunities to the table; for our team, opening a division in Germany was a necessary step to capitalize on new market opportunities.”

One of the local partners that will be joining the operations of Team Gemini Deutschland GmbH is Olaf Wadischat, who will fulfill the role of Managing Director of the division.

About Team Gemini LLC

Team Gemini LLC (TG) is a sustainable project design and development company based in Orlando, Florida that develops community-based technology clusters that yield sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. TG works with communities, government and public sector leaders to combine renewable energy, recycling, water conservation and food production in a closed-loop sustainable relationship. The company’s sustainable clusters function as a carbon-neutral operation guided by Corporate Social Responsibility and an alignment with the Triple Bottom Line.

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