Florida Renewable Energy Developer Participates in the Development of First Bioenergy Associate Degree in the U.S.

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July 9, 2012

Orlando-Based Team Gemini is invited by The Ohio State University to contribute in the creation of pioneering Bioenergy technology curriculum

(Orlando, Florida) — Team Gemini LLC (TG), a sustainable project design and development company headquartered in Orlando, Florida, has been invited by The Ohio State University (OSU) to participate in the creation of the nation’s first Associate of Science Degree in Bioenergy—a program that focuses on the development of new applications for sustainable business.


Team Gemini is participating with The Ohio State University in the development of First Bioenergy Associate Degree in the U.S.

As part of its corporate social responsibility initiative, Team Gemini will participate at the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute’s Bioenergy Curriculum Development Conference, to be held July 9-11, 2012 at the OSU Shisler Conference Center, Wooster, Ohio.

This Bioenergy event will bring together leaders from the bioenergy industry, government representatives, research scientists, and a myriad of educators who will come together for OSU’s curriculum development conference.

The curriculum of an A.S. in Bioenergy offers the opportunity to create awareness for clean technologies and the latest methods for managing this renewable resource, but also supports future graduates’ transition into the Green Economy—a buzz term that continues  to gain support in the private and public sectors every day.

The field of Bioenergy is of particular interest to the agricultural industry, which can garner biomass as a renewable energy source that converts organic matter such as feedstock, crop waste or manure into biofuel that can power homes, businesses or industrial operations.

Team Gemini’s involvement in the development of sustainable business, energy efficient systems and industrial community development has the potential to give OSU students the opportunity to validate academic knowledge with real world experience.

“Team Gemini is excited to participate in the foundation of a new degree program at OSU,” said Douglas P. Haughn of Team Gemini. “Educating new generations about the importance of being sustainable will ensure that more communities will integrate biomass and other renewable energy resources into their power generation efforts.”

Knowledge about biomass and its applications is still limited to environmental engineering and academic circles that support sustainable efforts to reduce society’s carbon footprint and increase humankind’s ability to recycle everyday waste and convert it into energy.

OSU’s Associate degree program in Biomass can also serve as a stepping-stone into a more advanced degree, such as a Bachelors or Masters degree, contributing to the catalyzing of sustainability as a mainstream value.

About Team Gemini LLC

Team Gemini LLC (TG) is a sustainable project design and development company based in Orlando, Florida that develops community-based technology clusters that yield sustainable agriculture and renewable energy.  TG works with communities, government and public sector leaders to combine renewable energy, recycling, water conservation and food production in a closed-loop sustainable relationship.  The company’s sustainable clusters function as a carbon-neutral operation guided by Corporate Social Responsibility and an alignment with the Triple Bottom Line.

To learn more about Team Gemini services and markets, please visit http://www.teamgemini.us

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