Ilonka Haugner - Team Gemini

Ilonka Haugner | President of European Operations

Ilonka Haugner is a founding member of Team Gemini LLC. She is also CEO of ECOHOUSE™ Development, a member company that develops sustainable, energy-efficient building structures. She actively leverages her industry connections, important business and community stakeholders to support development growth. From city managers, state representatives, commissioners, economic developers, financiers, and more, a network of constituents is necessary to implement [large-scale] projects, and Mrs. Haugner works to grow that network for Team Gemini.

Ilonka Haugner is also the Director of Team Gemini Deutschland GmbH in Germany, bringing the team’s renewable energy and sustainable agriculture model to that region and continuing to develop it for the European Market. Mrs. Haugner works closely with project stakeholders to cut through red tape, secure necessary resources and support, and help the rest of the team so that design and development work will be implemented.

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