Infographic Highlights Components in Progress of California Energy Transition

Infographic Highlights Components in Progress of California Energy Transition

The success of sustainability initiatives is supported by a network of distributed renewable energy systems, combining a variety of technologies to provide increasingly balanced and on-demand renewable energy and other resources.

Single renewable energy technologies come with shifting generating capacities (like solar providing optimal power with appropriate weather conditions). Team Gemini therefore couples several technologies whenever possible to offset any risks in resource provisions. Drawing on multiple energy sources and maintaining safeguards with microgrids is key in providing fully-functioning energy supplies. This is especially important to commodity-intensive industries that depend on energy to preserve stable operations and avoid costly losses of inputs.

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Some locations approach and invest in such sustainability infrastructure resources differently, and to varying degrees of success. The state of California has long been regarded as pioneering in actively pursuing ambitious renewable energy goals. An infographic created by GTMR highlights several factors that are contributing to the state’s shift towards renewables, including ambitious goals, a shifting energy infrastructure, and investments.

Since no individual technology as of yet can provide all solutions in one, Team Gemini and its members actively develop closed-loop project solutions involving bio-products, sustainable agriculture, water treatment, and more.

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