Infographic Highlights Water Resource Challenges for the 21st Century

Infographic Highlights Water Resource Challenges for the 21st Century

From limited access to fresh water, resource production issues, and health implications, understanding water challenges is part of developing solutions to preserve healthy communities.

With perhaps few exceptions, every sustainability initiative needs to take into account particulars concerning water use. As an essential utility, communities depend on water for development of resources and maintaining basic health. More than that, in order to provide infrastructure for sustainable growth, solutions must be implemented that maintain affordable, accessible, clean water. Solutions to provide these conditions will vary by location, but the importance of doing so cannot be overstated.

For the occasion of the 6th World Water Forum, Suez Environment created an infographic that highlights some of the primary global water challenges: from urban growth to the preservation of resources, water requirements in irrigation and industrial use, and access to drinking water and health consequences.

team-gemini-water-challenges-infographicTeam Gemini—together with partners like A3-USA, Inc. and Enviplan—provides a variety of solutions for water issues, including but not limited to: water and energy efficiency, plumbing, and installation needs; to wastewater treatment plants and additional systems for municipalities and other stakeholders. The result is that solutions can be designed, built, and implemented for diverse needs, all in an effort to reduce costs, maintain a precious resource, and help provide infrastructure for a prosperous community.

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The original infographic can be found on Suez Article.