James Devlin

James Devlin | Advisory Board

James Devlin was named Chief Executive Officer of ReCommunity in 2013. James is responsible for leading the company’s growth strategies, executive team, and overall vision. Before joining ReCommunity, James spent more than 27 years in the logistic and waste management sectors, through which he has developed a strong background in executive leadership, customer service, sales and marketing, accounting, and mergers and acquisitions. James served as the CEO of Heckmann Environmental services (HES), formerly Thermo Fluids, an environmental services company that was acquired by HES in March 2012. Prior to Thermo Fluids, James served as regional vice president for Waste Management, where he was responsible for a $1.2 billion business unit covering California and Arizona. James holds an undergraduate degree in business administration and marketing from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

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