Lifecycle of U.S. Energy Use Provides Context for Resource Management Strategies and Benefits of Sustainability

Lifecycle of U.S. Energy Use Provides Context for Resource Management Strategies and Benefits of Sustainability

Detailed analyses of energy lifecycles can provide valuable insights for decision-makers to help improve utility generation and application for a variety of sectors.

Team Gemini recognizes the importance of utilities management, as almost all industries rely on electricity, thermal energy, water supplies, and more to support the maintenance of their value chain. In order to better understand the spread of energy generation and end-use cases, and how they impact the Triple Bottom Line of various stakeholders, research is helpful in offering context.

In most cases, resource wastefulness can be significantly mitigated, if not entirely eliminated. Microgrids continue to be highlighted as difference-makers in this effort, along with a general infrastructure for a decentralized, safeguarded energy supply. For this, Team Gemini integrates multiple sustainability technologies in its overall development approach.

Drawing on data from the Department of Energy, an interactive flowchart provides a glimpse into the ways in which energy resources are utilized and make a difference. Categorized by various industries and applications, this flowchart offers many insights; for instance, “with natural gas the waste is substantial, with only half of the generated energy being used.”

But as many working examples illustrate, solutions can be found to provide better economics and environmental conditions for energy generation.

Specific to Team Gemini’s offerings in supplying these resources, team members like 2G Energy (combined heat and power), Viessmann (thermal energy et al), ABB (resource management and monitoring), and A3 (wastewater treatment and conservation) come to mind. Beyond these, sustainable agriculture also comes into play, as food resources are critical for survival. These companies, among others, provide outstanding technology and service options to fulfill a variety of energy efficiency needs for countless industries.

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