Mathias Haugner

Mathias Haugner | Director of Communications

Mathias contributes experience from the non-profit and startup-business sectors, with an educational background in General Business.  During his undergraduate years at Stetson University, he served in leadership roles within student and youth empowerment organizations.  Mathias assisted these organizations in the implementation of grants to fund initiatives like Youth As Resources (a program that empowered youth in local communities to develop, present, and implement unique projects to help their communities).  He also worked among a team of his peers to start the Bonner program at Stetson, which ultimately secured an endowment to provide support to students and communities for the future.  His for-profit work involving renewable energy includes marketing and web design work for ECOHOUSE™ Development, a design-and-development company focusing on providing sustainable, renewable energy products and technologies for residential clients.

For Team Gemini, Mathias’ work encompasses collaborating with interdisciplinary teams—from marketing, financial advisors, company leaders, IT support, and others—to create, edit, organize, distribute, and communicate information through various media.

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