New EPA Site Provides Interactive Information on Jurisdictional Determination of Clean Water Act

New EPA Site Provides Interactive Information on Jurisdictional Determination of Clean Water Act

As water resources become increasingly burdened by outdated farming practices, inadequate sewage treatment, and more, rulings through the Clean Water Act become important for communities and developers to consider.

Water treatment is among today’s major environmental topics, with a variety of harmful agriculture and business operations polluting precious and scarce supplies of this invaluable resource. Team Gemini and its team members continue to develop working solutions to address the need to treat and recycle wastewater and more.

Water contributes to our capacity to uphold healthy communities, thriving businesses, food supplies, and more—a strong Triple Bottom Line. With variability in water supplies being caused by climate change, and water quality varying by public and private usage practices, technologies and policies play a role in maintaining stability and good quality. Among the benefits of applying more advanced sustainability and water treatment options is that water supplies can be used more efficiently—this satisfies strict regulations without sacrificing economic and environmental performance!

The EPA’s Clean Water Act provides determinations on water use for bodies of water under jurisdiction of the legislation.

EPA worked in coordination with the Corps to develop a website that includes all CWA jurisdictional determinations made since August 28, 2015, the effective date of the Clean Water Rule. This includes jurisdictional determinations made under both the Rule and under the previous regulations while the Rule is stayed. Note that the website only makes use of information that was already publicly available online and does not display all waters of the United States subject to the Clean Water Act, only those for which a jurisdictional determination has been requested.

The website is the first to gather and interactively display jurisdictional determinations under the Clean Water Act across the country.

Users are able to search, sort, map, and view information from jurisdictional determinations using different search parameters and filters. The easy-to-navigate website provides information about the presence or absence of jurisdictional waters where landowners requested jurisdictional determinations, and only makes use of public information. The website will increase and improve transparency regarding agency decision-making on Clean Water Act geographic jurisdictional matters.

With partners like A3-USA, Inc. and others, Team Gemini provides innovative, modular water and wastewater treatment technologies that are among the most efficient on the market, and help resolve issues related to various environmental factors. From Membrane Bioreactors to Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis systems, these components are able to retain suspended matter, bacteria, and viruses (pathogens), and can even remove carbon, phosphorous, nitrogen, certain toxins, and bio-accumulative micro-contaminants.

Featuring smaller footprints and lower maintenance requirements than traditional [municipal] wastewater treatment plants, Team Gemini and its team members offer ways to tackle pollution effectively. And with technologies for bio refineries, a comprehensive set of options is available to support new environmental protection measures while at the same time increasing resources for existing communities and industries.

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