OBIC Releases 2014 Annual Report

OBIC Releases 2014 Annual Report

Report highlights success of OBIC Bioproduct Network, Strategic Relationships, Project Updates, and More.

Team Gemini has been collaborating with the Ohio Bioproducts Innovation Center (OBIC) for several years now to provide for the development of bio-related products, services, and initiatives. This ongoing relationship has seen participation at the 2014 Bioproducts World Showcase and Conference and visits with Team Gemini in Germany to learn more about and exchange research initiatives, opportunities, and industry experience.

In its report, OBIC Director Dennis Hall summarizes several key facts about the 2014 Bioproducts Showcase and Conference; reviews noteworthy project initiatives of 2014 and comments on expanding opportunities and new projects for 2015; and highlights the need for cost-competitive, industrial-scale feedstock. “The acquisition of biobased feedstocks at competitive prices and industrial scale remains a hurdle for many bioproduct manufacturers. OBIC is helping to address this issue through programs like BRDI, PENRA, and ongoing support of the Gemini Synergy Center.”


Team Gemini proudly continues its collaboration with OBIC and its partners at OSU and elsewhere.

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