Team Gemini and the OBIC Bioproducts Innovation Center

Based on mutual levels of support, this partnership provides for the development of bio-related products, services, and initiatives.

Team Gemini’s involvement in the development of sustainable business, energy-efficient systems, and industrial community development has the potential to give students across educational institutions the opportunity to validate academic knowledge with real-world experience.

One of these connections is created through collaboration with the OBIC Bioproducts Innovation Center (OBIC), located at The Ohio State University.  OBIC connects different segments of the bioproducts community to cultivate business ecosystems and facilitate commercialization of new sustainable bioproduct technologies.

The field of Bioenergy is of particular interest to the agricultural industry, which can garner biomass as a renewable energy source that converts organic matter such as feedstock, crop waste or manure into biofuel that can power homes, businesses or industrial operations.

One of the intended outcomes of the OBIC Team Gemini collaboration is the development of curriculum of an A.S. in Bioenergy, which offers the opportunity to create awareness for clean technologies and the latest methods for managing this renewable resource, but also supports future graduates’ transition into the Green Economy—a buzz term that continues to gain support in the private and public sectors every day.

In an educational collaboration with Team Gemini, OSU’s Associate degree program in Biomass can also serve as a stepping-stone into a more advanced degree, such as a Bachelor’s or Master’s, contributing to the catalyzing of sustainability as a mainstream value.

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