Ocean Pollution Infographic Highlights Details of Problem and Impacts on Human Health

Ocean Pollution Infographic Highlights Details of Problem and Impacts on Human Health

Besides comprising a majority of the Earth’s surface area, the world’s oceans contribute health, economic, and other value to our population; escalating pollution problems factor into our lives.

To say that water is a vital resource for human life is accurate, but also leaves out many details that explain just how integrated water is into our daily lives. Infographics capture some of these details in a visual, more memorable capacity. These can be a springboard for further learning about these topics in order to arrive at sustainable solutions.

Ocean Pollution Infographic

Infographic depicting how ocean pollution affects humans.

Scuba Diving Magazine DIVE prepared an infographic highlighting some prevalent facets of ocean pollution. A particularly poignant narrative is that of the food supply chain—among increasing strains on marine life comes the eventual effect of pollution’s impacts on human health, since much of our population depends on nourishment from ocean.

Team Gemini—with partners like A3-USA, Inc. and others—provides innovative, modular treatment technologies that are among the most efficient on the market, and help stop water pollution issues at their source. From Membrane Bioreactors to Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis systems, these components are able to retain suspended matter, bacteria, and viruses (pathogens), and can even remove carbon, phosphorous, nitrogen, certain toxins, and bio-accumulative micro-contaminants. Featuring smaller footprints and lower maintenance requirements than traditional [municipal] wastewater treatment plants, Team Gemini and its team members offer ways to tackle water pollution and conservation effectively.


Beyond water pollution solutions, Team Gemini—with partners like OBIC and technology providers like AKVA group—continues exploring and implementing integrated and unique options for all facets of sustainable and profitable aquaculture. Whether it includes research and innovations in fish feed, or applying fish life support systems and resource maximization (through renewable energy and water conservation), a large range of details is taken into consideration to ultimately arrive at organic, sustainable fish farming.

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