RAINE Database Highlights Communities Addressing Local Climate Change Issues

RAINE Database Highlights Communities Addressing Local Climate Change Issues

With many communities facing present and future impacts of climate change, databases such as RAINE offer platforms for information sharing and proliferating working models.

Team Gemini continues supporting efforts by municipalities and industries to become more economically and environmentally sustainable. In that effort, online resources are often invaluable in providing feedback and guidance to educate a variety of stakeholders and help make projects a reality.

The Resilience and Adaptation in New England (RAINE) is a resource dedicated to collecting information about New England and surrounding communities that have dedicated themselves to addressing current and future impacts of climate change. Recognizing how local ecosystems and infrastructure have a direct impact on their Triple Bottom Line, these communities are pursuing a variety of measures to incentivize its resident and businesses to think and build sustainably, and in that process help guard against future problems that may arise.

When a town in Southern New England faces flooding, it can check the database and find guidance from Vermont’s experience after Tropical Storm Irene. When a beach community wants to find out how it can provide economic incentives to homeowners to provide extra protection for flooding they can look to Hull, Massachusetts. Hull provides a rebate on building department fees for homeowners who increase their building height above the base flood elevation. Users can see how communities are working with local businesses to adapt, such as in Misquamicut Beach, Rhode Island, where businesses that were swept away by Superstorm Sandy are now rebuilding so they can get out of the way if another storm surge threatens them.

Team Gemini offers a variety of options to aid in the process of becoming more sustainable—from treating and managing our precious water resources to offering a variety of waste processing solutions for a large variety of industries, our projects provide a closed-loop infrastructure however possible. Many technologies ultimately contribute to this goal.

Team Gemini works closely with commodity-intensive industries, municipalities, and other stakeholders to implement viable technology configurations that result in economic and other benefits. Our closely-integrated systems allow businesses to minimize their operating costs and maximize their potential revenue streams, depending on which technologies they choose.

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