Resources for Sustainability: A Blueprint for 100 Percent Renewables

Resources for Sustainability: A Blueprint for 100 Percent Renewables

The path to achieving 100 percent renewable energy in the world will be facilitated through use of diverse technologies that draw on a consistently-present resource mix.

With energy production being an inevitable and growing need for the world, the methods of producing it remain relevant for present and future generations. Evolving technologies allow us to approach energy generation in more sustainable ways, and most stakeholders on the topic agree that it will take a mix of technologies to achieve impactful goals. Thankfully, as evidenced by many working examples, methods and technologies already exist that can capitalize completely on renewable resources.

This entry in Team Gemini’s ongoing “Resources for Sustainability” series will highlight one potential blueprint for achieving 100% renewable energy around the world. While this blueprint incorporates many well-known technologies like solar, wind, and hydro-power, it doesn’t factor in the plentiful bio-based sources for generating energy.

Supporting and developing a closed-loop, 100%-sustainable infrastructure is among Team Gemini’s primary endeavors. Many technologies ultimately contribute to this goal, including the appropriation of waste as a source for (electric and thermal) energy production, in addition to valuable commodities like biofuels, fertilizer, compost and more. Additionally, Team Gemini closely examines and implements methods of minimizing or even eliminating any pollution, including protecting and treating valuable water resources and implementing sustainable agriculture.

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