Resources for Sustainability: Highlighting World Soil Resources with the FAO

Resources for Sustainability: Highlighting World Soil Resources with the FAO

As a vital component in the preservation of human prosperity, information and understanding of soil resources are important in ensuring sustainability.

One of the clearest illustrations of human interaction with the environment is evident in the world’s soil resources. While this topic can branch into a variety of subjects related to economics, the environment, and more, the purpose of this article is to present gathered information in order to benefit and maintain a healthy Triple Bottom Line.

This entry in Team Gemini’s ongoing “Resources for Sustainability” series will highlight a series of informational resources gathered by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. This information is designed to offer a mere introduction to the many issues related to supporting soil resources around the world.

Soil and Climate Change
Soil as Non-Renewable Resource
Soil and Biodiversity
Soil and Food Production
Soil and Vegetation

An in-depth, 600+-page Status of the World’s Soil Resources report goes into greater technical detail regarding outcomes and results.

Supporting and developing Sustainable Agriculture is among Team Gemini’s primary endeavors. We take a multipronged approach to addressing challenges associated with soil—from water conservation and treatment that supports strained resources, to advanced greenhouses which minimize the burden on soil while maximizing production of various foods. Team members like Artigianfer, A3-USA, and VISCON Group all contribute technologies to treat resources efficiently throughout the year.

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