Resources for Sustainability: Exploring Educational Resources for Students, Teachers, and More

Resources for Sustainability: Exploring Educational Resources for Students, Teachers, and More

Introducing young, inquisitive minds to sustainability concepts, solutions, and innovation contributes to the growth of the industry, as well as many other benefits to communities.

Education is a vital piece of the puzzle in developing new projects, and fostering support and insight from a variety of community stakeholders. Team Gemini primarily focuses on educating investors and other project participants about its closed-loop project models that use industry-relevant technologies to create and maintain sustainable communities; waste is eliminated and processed into usable resources, and precious supplies of otherwise limited inputs are conserved, recycled, or otherwise improved. With the right combination of options and infrastructure, this setup can create a 100% sustainable energy and resource system.

Beyond Team Gemini’s project models, general education topics related to a variety of sustainability technologies and concepts are important in moving progress forward. To this end, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) provides a variety of helpful lesson plans and other resources:

NREL provides a variety of educational resources to help students, teachers, and parents educate their kids about renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, including hands-on projects and curriculum suggestions for elementary school, middle school, and high school students as well as teachers.

In this Resources for Sustainability article, we outline a selection of those resources for different grade levels. Below is a collection based on different topics.


For additional lesson plans, projects, and other activities for grades K-12 on energy- and environment-related topics, visit the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network.

For information on the basics of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, visit Learning about Renewable Energy.

Feel free to explore more topics on our Resources page, or contact us if you’d like to recommend others.

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