Resources for Sustainability: Exploring EPA’s Water Story Map

Resources for Sustainability: Exploring EPA’s Water Story Map

A variety of efforts contribute to maintaining the health of water supplies, an indispensable resource for functioning industries and communities. The Water Story Map highlights different ways in which diverse stakeholders contribute solutions.

Together with its team members—including the likes of A3 and others—Team Gemini implements closed-loop project models that use industry-relevant technologies to create and maintain sustainable communities; waste is eliminated or processed into usable resources, and precious supplies of otherwise limited inputs are conserved, recycled, or otherwise improved.

Water conservation and treatment (including wastewater) play key roles in these efforts, as water supplies have been put under great strain by overuse, pollution, and climate change. The EPA has launched a web site detailing its efforts, along with those of other partners, to provide various solutions to these challenges. In order to effectively engage working solutions, a variety of stakeholders in public and private sectors are ultimately needed.

Since 2009, EPA – in partnership with states, cities, utilities, NGOs, and businesses – has made giant strides to advance clean water protection. Explore the story map below to see where EPA worked to protect waters near you and read about the progress created through historic regulations, new programs, technology advances, and community support that move the country toward cleaner and more reliable water.

In this Resources for Sustainability article, we provide an accessible outline of the sections within the Water Story Map:

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