Resources for Sustainability: Exploring NREL Standard Scenarios Outlook Data

Resources for Sustainability: Exploring NREL Standard Scenarios Outlook Data

Projecting and illustrating data across different energy-generation sectors, the Standard Scenarios Outlook model provides an informed preview of a more sustainable energy future.

Team Gemini and its team members develop closed-loop project models that integrate an assortment of industry-proven technologies to create and maintain sustainable communities and industries. When it comes to energy provisions, holistic renewables are driven by the need to harness electricity and thermal energy from a variety of sources to provide maximum uptime and economic competitiveness.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and its collaborating agencies provide annual updates to energy generation projections. While some fossil fuel sources (like low-cost natural gas) are still projected to maintain strong shares in the energy sector, renewable energy cost declines and performance improvements will lead to greater proliferation of sustainable technology integrations.

NREL annually documents a realistic and timely set of input assumptions (e.g., technology cost, fuel costs), and a diverse set of potential futures (Standard Scenarios) to support and inform electric sector analysis in the United States. The products of this work, including assessments of current and projected technology cost and performance for both renewable and conventional electricity generation technologies, as well as market projections of more than a dozen scenarios produced with NREL’s Regional Energy Deployment Systems (ReEDS) model, are applied consistently in NREL’s analyses throughout the following year. This annual process is supported by the Office of Strategic Programs of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE).

In this Resources for Sustainability article, we provide links to the latest (2016) information on energy baseline models:

  1. Annual Technology Baseline (ATB) Spreadsheet – 2016 Final
    • This product includes detailed cost and performance data (both current and projected) for renewable and conventional technologies and is presented in MS Excel.
  2. ATB Summary Presentation – 2016 Final
    • This tandem PowerPoint summary augments the data in the ATB spreadsheet with a description and discussion of each of the technologies. The objective of this presentation is to describe and provide context for the information contained in the spreadsheet.
  3. 2016 Standard Scenarios Annual Report: A U.S. Electric Sector Outlook
    • This report discusses an outlook of the U.S. electricity sector based on a suite of standard scenarios with their associated assumptions, including technology cost and performance assumptions from the ATB, and the resulting model outputs for each scenario. Scenario results from the Standard Scenarios are accessible via the Standard Scenarios Results Viewer.

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