Richard Haugner - Team Gemini

Richard Haugner | Chief Technical Officer

As Founder and President of ECOHOUSE™ Development, and one of the managing co-founders of Team Gemini LLC, Richard brings to the group valuable experience in renewable energy design and development. His extensive experience with the industry stems from working with renewable technologies (from Solar and Biomass/Biogas, to Energy Efficiency) and efficient design work, all accumulated over a period of three decades in Europe and America.

Mr. Haugner’s initial focus was the residential and commercial construction sector, for which he designed the Energy Concept House, a fully energy-efficient building shell that maximizes resource use and conservation, and significantly mitigates the costs of the building over its life. Expanding on his knowledge and interest in the economic application of renewable technologies, Richard has dedicated his efforts to designing and developing utility-scale projects that apply technologies from biogas plants, water membrane filtration systems, and more. Richard has created and implemented the conceptual cluster model of Team Gemini into the group. Underlying his restless working efforts is a permanent outlook for the newest proven technologies and new concept designs for industries, urban communities, and more.

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