Student Rebekah Jones Shines with Team Gemini at her School in Blanchester, OH

Student Rebekah Jones Shines with Team Gemini at her School in Blanchester, OH

Team Gemini’s supporters are not found only in corporate world or government organizations. We recently found advocates of sustainability in the young and visionary minds still being shaped at a Southwest Ohio school’s Art and Science Show

Blanchester High School student Rebekah Jones has a passion for sustainability and innovation. Her interest in doing what’s best for her Southwest Ohio community led her to make Team Gemini the focus of a class project for her school’s Art and Science Show—and she aced it with an amazing presentation on the work we are doing to create the Gemini Synergy Center (GSC) and its Center of Resource Recovery and Recycling (COR3). Attended by not just students and faculty, the Art and Science show welcomed parents and Wilmington Chamber of Commerce members who came to see the students’ presentations.

About 50 Advanced Chemistry students were asked to explore a topic in sustainability and other science-related topics that can benefit their community. The students’ creativity was fueled by their personal interest on a wide variety of topics, including sustainable beauty care products, foams, paints, biodiesel, bioremediation with blue oyster mushrooms and anaerobic digestion. And that’s when Rebekah Jones realized that something good was brewing in her own backyard. The opportunity to research and report on Team Gemini’s GSC Grove City project (located in Central Ohio) allowed her to learn more about the company, its goals and its impact in the local community.

While there were no winners in the Art and Science Show, Team Gemini is honored to have been the focus of Rebekah’s project and we are sure that she will continue learning about us and the world of sustainable business. We can only hope that one day after she attends college and earns a degree, Rebekah can come back and become a part of the Team Gemini family. At the very least, she helped us spark the curiosity of both community members and Chris Schock of the Clinton County Regional Planning Commission, who was impressed about the potential applications in the community.

Upon learning of Rebekah Jones’ project, Team Gemini’s President Douglas P. Haughn stated:

“Team Gemini’s approach to innovation in sustainability is summarized in our company’s goal of contributing to a balance in the Triple Bottom Line—the balance between the People, Planet and Prosperity.  Being involved with the communities we serve and inspiriting students who live in them is an important part of that overall approach. Thank you Rebekah for making us a part of your successful project.”

We love to hear inspiring stories like this. Be sure to let us know when Team Gemini is the focus of a student’s work for a chance to be showcased in our blog.