Team Gemini Offers Innovative and Sustainable Packaging Solutions by eggbox GmbH

Team Gemini Offers Innovative and Sustainable Packaging Solutions by eggbox GmbH

Advocating innovations in different industries, Team Gemini provides solutions for packaging manufacturers to become more sustainable and competitive


Team Gemini, LLC met with business leaders of eggbox GmbH ( to now offer their innovative packaging products on the North American market. Providing sustainable source material and a pioneering design platform that are superior to standard products, eggbox cartons are another example of Team Gemini’s efforts to make businesses and communities around the country more environmentally and economically prosperous.

eggbox is a product that’s 100% recycled, and goes one step further: it is the first and only manufactured commodity of machine processible egg cartons that can now even offer clients FSC®-certified quality on request. Made of corrugated cardboard, it gives clients considerably more usable space to present their brand message – in clear offset colors. eggbox is also much more break-proof and superbly stackable.


“We appreciate the opportunity of offering a variety of solutions of sustainable products,” explains Team Gemini President Douglas Haughn. “Sustainability isn’t just a matter of renewable energy, but also offering more subtle and impactful ways in which we treat our environment and conduct business. eggbox is a great example of something that is applied on a large scale, and serves the principles of the Triple Bottom Line.”

eggbox is just one component of a larger range of food processing projects in which Team Gemini is engaged. The company is also working with select food processing companies around the country to provide a revamped operational model based on renewable energy and waste remediation.