Team Gemini Offers Sustainable Remedies for New Ohio Bill Restricting Spread of Manure

Team Gemini Offers Sustainable Remedies for New Ohio Bill Restricting Spread of Manure

Ohio lawmakers are looking for ways to deal with toxic algae blooms in Lake Erie and elsewhere. Restrictions to spread manure make Team Gemini products an ideal remedy.

Amidst recent water crises that included exposure to toxic household water for hundreds of thousands of residents in the state of Ohio, lawmakers are seeking to implement policies that will help prevent such emergencies from occurring in the future. A process has started to implement legislation that seeks to stop farms in northwestern Ohio from spreading manure on frozen fields. This is a double-edged sword: while it will help prevent runoff from manure to pollute local waterways, it will also burden farmers with potential costs of having to deal with thousands of tons of manure annually. That is where Team Gemini offers effective solutions that create economic and environmental value. And these solutions don’t just apply to this bill, but farming operations and environmental restrictions elsewhere.


One of Team Gemini’s core business models is processing waste and turning it into valuable commodities. As part of that solution set, Team Gemini and its partners at enCO2, 2G ENERGY, and A3-USA provide options of processing manure on farms. Options include separating valuable nitrogen and nitrates from the manure, and processing manure solids and liquids through Team Gemini’s UDR Anaerobic Digestion system. The resulting biogas feeds Combined Heat and Power units that convert it into electricity, thermal energy, thermal recovery, and even additional assets like concentrated fertilizer and compost, or fertilizer pelletizing.

With solutions processing feedstock from 8-15 tons per day (which can be up to 100% liquid manure), to several thousand tons per day, Team Gemini works closely with farmers to implement a solution that is most ideal for their needs.


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