Team Gemini Proudly Offers UDR MonoTube Systems for Small-Scale Biogas Solutions

Team Gemini Proudly Offers UDR MonoTube Systems for Small-Scale Biogas Solutions

With compact anaerobic digesters that have been designed for use on livestock farms and food production sites, Team Gemini and their partners offer solutions for a larger variety of communities

Team Gemini, LLC works closely with its partner company enCO2 and others to provide UDR MonoTube options for small-scale farming and other operations. Benefits of this system are unique to those clients who may not have enough feedstock to run a large Biogas plant, but who have enough to still warrant turning their waste into valuable commodities like energy or even compost and fertilizer.

The UDR system is a biological method for anaerobic fermentation plants. Its main technique is based on the bionic system of microorganisms settling onto special surfaces. The MonoTube takes this process and reduces it to a smaller space.

The new fermenter, which is only around three meters (10 feet) in diameter and approximately 15 meters (49 feet) high, features a built-in gas pressure accumulator and benefits from an exceptionally compact design. All other necessary components, such as pumps, heat distributors, controllers and the co-generator are installed on a 4 x 10 m (431 ft2) base.

The system benefits from taking only around two weeks to construct; being able to use a substrate of up to 100% liquid manure; and offering optimum efficiency with low-maintenance operation.

To learn more about Team Gemini’s offerings in UDR MonoTube Digesters, please visit our Bio Refinery and enCO2 pages, or download the UDR brochure.