Team Gemini Proudly Recognizes Bühler Group for their Innovative Grain-Handling Solutions

Team Gemini Proudly Recognizes Bühler Group for their Innovative Grain-Handling Solutions

Providing sustainable solutions throughout the food value-added chain, Bühler is integral in processing various feedstocks to maintain optimal operations in bio-based operations.

Team Gemini collaborates with industry innovators like Bühler AG to provide storage solutions for a variety of biomass materials. Along with other bio-processing team members, these materials are further turned into valuable commodities like electricity and thermal energy; pelletized compost or compost granulate; or even advanced, high-quality fuels for industries, among other revenue-maximizing byproducts.

Bühler Group emerged from the iron foundry in Gupfen in Uzwil with two employees that was established on February 10, 1860 by Adolf Bühler senior.

The global production and processing of wheat, maize, rice, pasta, chocolate, and breakfast cereals relies strongly on us. Furthermore, Bühler is a leading solution provider of die casting and surface coating technologies, with an emphasis on automotive and optics. As a leading technology group, Bühler invests every year up to 5 % of its turnover in Research & Development. In 2015, its around 10,800 employees in over 140 countries generated a turnover of CHF 2.4 billion. The family-owned company Bühler is proud of its Swiss roots and feels particularly committed to sustainability.

Whether it’s a silo installation for harvesting purposes, a plant for grain trade or individually tailored malting systems the customer needs: Bühler is a competent global partner providing individualized on-site customer service from conception to startup. Safety, dependability and sustainability thereby form the basis of a trustful customer relationship.

“Processing of raw materials becomes an important piece of sustainable project infrastructure when dealing with large quantities of resources. Technologies that feature a complete, customizable, and closely-monitored setup are important in meeting a variety of specific client needs,” clarifies Richard Haugner, Chief Technical Officer at Team Gemini. “Bühler offers an impressive suite of products that benefit numerous industries.”

As the environmental and other costs of outdated processing methods increase, businesses that require extensive use of raw-material resources can greatly improve their bottom line by implementing more effective processing, storage, monitoring, and waste treatment solutions. Team Gemini and Bühler offer a variety of turnkey solutions that maximize resource production and minimize negative impacts of waste.

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