Team Gemini Proudly Recognizes ITE for their Offerings in Solids and Liquids Separation Technologies

Team Gemini Proudly Recognizes ITE for their Offerings in Solids and Liquids Separation Technologies

With innovative machinery providing options to effectively separate solids and liquids for numerous industries, ITE offers valuable add-on components for processes like anaerobic digestion and wastewater treatment.

In its efforts to maximize sustainable energy and resource use for a variety of industries, Team Gemini collaborates with innovators like ITE GmbH to provide solutions for optimizing operations. Nowadays especially, an economic approach means a sustainable approach. Since its foundation at the beginning of 2008 in Alsdorf near Aachen, ITE GmbH has honed their expertise particularly in fine screening and centrifuge technologies. These provide standout solutions in making common industrial and municipality processing needs more cost- and resource-effective.


As water has long since become a valuable resource, efficient solutions for treating it are required in order to save costs. Slurry separation, for example, is becoming increasingly important because transport costs are high and disposal expensive. With its special separation technology ITE guarantees an effective disposal system and therefore economical production.

The agricultural sector is also facing new challenges. ITE GmbH supplies a process for the total recycling of pig manure. The number of biogas plants is growing steadily as the renewable energy sector expands. Expertise provided by ITE GmbH is helping to drive the technical development and efficiency of biogas plants to new heights. To enhance the efficiency of biogas production, ITE mechanically separates the process materials. As well as pre-cleaning the substrates, separation equipment is also used for processing fermentation residues. Vibrating screening machines with a high acceleration force and innovative fine screening technology are used for pre-cleaning the substrates. Coarse contaminants and impurities are removed from the substrate before it is fed into the fermenter.

Industrial customers from areas that include the gravel and sand sectors as well as mineral recycling turn to ITE GmbH for solutions to separate solids and fluids in the process water cycle.

ITE technologies enable effective cleaning of rivers, lakes, and water (mud) with valuable recovery of resources (sand, clay, riverbed stones, etc.) and the separation of organic mud for Biogas Anaerobic Digestion. These technologies also apply for construction of tunnels, subways, and other civil engineering work, with the most effective cleaning of groundwater, stormwater, and the separation of solids while gaining valuable resources. With a variety of applications and industry-tested, high-quality equipment, effective waste separation options are now much more accessible, and allow for various industries to become more profitable.

“Part of a sustainable and economically sound industry processing model is the ability to minimize costly wastefulness in the entire process flow, and maximize quantity and quality of outputs,” describes Richard Haugner, Chief Technical Officer at Team Gemini. “ITE pre-treatment and separation technologies not only help eliminate bottlenecks in the process flow, but they also maximize value generation, whether it’s biogas yield or quality of residue from the fermentation process.”

As effective and sustainable waste management becomes increasingly relevant for a variety of stakeholders, options to eliminate process shortcomings and increase resources will become more important as well. Team Gemini and ITE feature a variety of turnkey solutions that maximize resource production and minimize negative impacts of waste.

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