Team Gemini Proudly Recognizes KAHL for their Versatile Contributions to Advanced Waste Processing Technologies

Team Gemini Proudly Recognizes KAHL for their Versatile Contributions to Advanced Waste Processing Technologies

Providing methods and equipment that allow for fine-tuned separation, creation, and processing related to pelletizing various materials, KAHL is integral in turning waste into valuable byproducts.

Team Gemini collaborates with industry innovators like Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG to provide solutions for turning biomass, certain recyclables, and other waste into valuable commodities like pelletized compost or compost granulate, or even advanced, high-quality fuels for industries. Waste sources include wood wastes, straw, agricultural biomass, waste paper, household and industrial waste, waste tires, sewage sludge, waste plastics, and much more.


Founded in 1876 and family-owned since generations, KAHL is a medium-sized manufacturer of domestic waste pelleting plants, waste tire recycling plants, and other technical solutions. Through constant systematic and extensive investments in modern machining centers, they ensure the high quality of their products such as waste tire recycling plants, pelleting presses for compound feed, or granulation machines.

Pelleting of renewable raw materials for energy recovery has been a topic for KAHL for more than 30 years, after receiving corresponding research assignments following the energy crisis in the 1970’s. Straw and dried forage pelleting plants have formed part of our delivery programme since then, too. So, we can rely on long-standing experience. Heavy machinery pays off when it comes to processing of these products. The result is a high operational safety and availability for continuous operation of the plant.

With a variety of applications, industry-tested and high-quality equipment, and other resources like remote monitoring and optimal operating setups, turning waste into resources is now easier than ever.

“As we explore ways of converting waste into resources, technologies that have a modular process design and can fulfill a variety of needs are ideal,” explains Richard Haugner, Chief Technical Officer at Team Gemini. “KAHL offers an impressive suite of products that benefit numerous industries.” As the environmental and other costs of outdated fuels increase, businesses that require extensive use of such resources can greatly improve their bottom line by implementing more effective fuel production and waste treatment solutions. Team Gemini and KAHL feature a variety of turnkey solutions that maximize resource production and minimize negative impacts of waste.

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