Team Gemini Proudly Recognizes Lipp for their Innovative Storage Tank Solutions

Team Gemini Proudly Recognizes Lipp for their Innovative Storage Tank Solutions

Providing proprietary tanks and system solutions for solid, liquid and gaseous substances, Lipp is integral in storing and processing a variety of biomass feedstocks.

Team Gemini collaborates with industry innovators like Lipp GmbH to provide storage solutions for a variety of biomass materials. Along with other bio-processing team members, these materials are further turned into valuable commodities like electricity and thermal energy; pelletized compost or compost granulate; or even advanced, high-quality fuels for industries, among other revenue-maximizing byproducts.

Founded in 1958 by the inventor Xaver Lipp, Lipp GmbH is a globally active family-run company which specializes in the planning and design of biogas plants and the construction of digesters and tanks.

Lipp GmbH supplies tank solutions for the Water Utility, Renewable Energy Waste Processing and Industrial Processing Industries, including Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage and Oil and Gas. Providing a wide variety of tank applications including: anaerobic digestion tanks, gas accumulator tanks, storage tanks, pressure vessels & silos as well as water and waste water processing tanks – all employing the Lipp Tank System (engineered in Germany) with its unique dual-seam tank construction technology. Lipp in Germany has over 57 years of development & innovation, with over 170 registered patents and over 50,000 tanks installed in 80 Countries worldwide.

Lipp provides trained engineers and experts on-site for routine checks, servicing and part replacement. This includes operational analysis tests and economic efficiency calculations. With a variety of applications, industry-tested and high-quality equipment, and extensive support, Lipp aids in turning waste into commodities.

“Converting waste into high-value commodities is one of the major selling points of sustainability. Technologies that have a modular process design and can fulfill a variety of needs are ideal,” explains Richard Haugner, Chief Technical Officer at Team Gemini. “Lipp offers an impressive suite of products that benefit numerous industries.”

As the environmental and other costs of outdated fuels increase, businesses that require extensive use of such resources can greatly improve their bottom line by implementing more effective fuel production and waste treatment solutions. Team Gemini and Lipp offer a variety of turnkey solutions that maximize resource production and minimize negative impacts of waste.

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