Team Gemini Recognizes Artigianfer S.r.l. for its Valuable Greenhouse Technology Applications

Team Gemini Recognizes Artigianfer S.r.l. for its Valuable Greenhouse Technology Applications

Offering climate-controlled, automated greenhouses with a range of customization options, Artigianfer and Team Gemini provide infrastructure for sustainable agriculture.

Whether it involves hydroponics, aquaponics, or other setup needs, Team Gemini works closely with Artigianfer and others to offer project design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction solutions for sustainable agriculture production. Artigianfer—which avails itself of solid know-how gained in over 60 years of experience—is a leader in the Italian market and boasts significant international presence. Today, Artigianfer manufactures from 90 to 150 hectares of different types of greenhouses a year, and many of them are equipped with technological systems and installations supplied and directly installed by the company. Project locations include Germany, France, Japan, the former CIS, Saudi Arabia and Eritrea, just to name a few.


Drawing on collaboration with other Team Gemini members, these greenhouse technologies make full use of enhanced renewable energy (through integrated applications of Anaerobic Digesters and Combined Heat and Power Units), wastewater treatment and recycling, and more. This allows agriculture production to function in almost any climate zone, year-round. Greenhouses can be sized according to different needs, though Team Gemini focuses primarily on large-scale production most suited for communities. Options for different wind-load ratings, integration of varying solar-panel technologies, and more can be determined and applied based on project need.


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