Team Gemini Recognizes Julius Montz GmbH for its Chemical Engineering and Refinery Applications

Team Gemini Recognizes Julius Montz GmbH for its Chemical Engineering and Refinery Applications

With advanced technologies for biofuel production and other chemical processing and refining, Team Gemini works with Montz and others to offer sustainable solutions for the industry.

Team Gemini works closely with Julius Montz GmbH and others to offer technology resources and project design solutions that allow for uniquely-sustainable biofuel production like Bio Ethanol.

Julius Montz GmbH, based in Hilden/Hanau, Germany, was founded in 1911. The company provides structured packings, liquid distributors, separation technology, column layouts, and other components for the oil-and-gas, food, and other industries. Montz also offers engineering, revamping, testing, and apparatus engineering services. The Montz Bioethanol production technology, based on wheat, is considered the world-leading and most efficient technology in the industry.


In recent years, Montz has designed, engineered and/or constructed over 34 operational ethanol plants in Europe, Asia and South America, accounting for a significant portion of the market share for new construction. Montz plants are known to have high efficiencies, with up to over 60% water savings, and low operating costs when compared to other ethanol plant technologies currently in today’s market.

In combination with Team Gemini’s design work, these technologies are enhanced through the generation of renewable energy (through integrated applications of Anaerobic Digesters and Combined Heat and Power Units), in addition to wastewater treatment and recycling. These components are just a few that contribute to maximizing commodity production, operating cost savings, and significantly minimizing any environmental impacts.


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