Team Gemini welcomes Colombian Youth Ambassadors as Part of Cultural Exchange to Promote Sustainability Awareness

October 23, 2014


Team Gemini welcomes Colombian Youth Ambassadors as Part of Cultural Exchange to Promote Sustainability Awareness

The visit to the company’s Orlando Headquarters in October 2014 included more than a dozen students from high schools in Colombia, organized by Florida Colombia Partners of the Americas


(Orlando, FL) — Team Gemini, LLC, a sustainable project design and development company based in Orlando, welcomed to its offices a group of Youth Ambassadors from Colombia representing top high schools in the South American country. The group, which is sponsored by the local Florida Chapter of Partners of the Americas at Stetson University, learned about the purpose, history, projects, and ongoing work of Team Gemini.

Interaction with the students by various members of Team Gemini included exchanges about the youths’ aspirations for a sustainable future and many of them shared their interest in pursuing careers in sustainability-related fields.

Consistent with the Florida Colombia Partners’ mission to connect people and organizations across the borders of the Western Hemisphere, this was the students’ first trip to the United States. The group’s mission is to foster development of their leadership and volunteerism potential through lasting partnerships that serve the global community and change lives.


Among the day’s events for the Colombian students was a 360-degree tour of The Plaza Penthouse, the 20,000 square-foot facility where Team Gemini is located. The tour, which was facilitated by Rose Garlick, Information Center Manager/Business Coordinator at Downtown Orlando, offered Colombian students a great view of the city and surrounding areas, as well as historical and current-event insights into the greater Orlando region.


Team Gemini offered a presentation of current and future projects that included many opportunities for discussion. Conversations included Colombia’s own endeavors in renewable energy (with a large portion of the country’s energy being generated through wind- and hydro-power), as well as options for resource recovery as exemplified by Team Gemini’s Center of Resource Recovery & Recycling (COR3). The Gemini Synergy Center (GSC) then became a topic of interest, as issues about turning unwanted waste into valuable resources for communities became an eye-opening prospect.

Students were introduced to the sustainable business concept of the Triple Bottom Line and its benefits as a balancing force between people, profits and the planet.

A few of the group’s members are already considering career fields related to sustainability, such as civil engineering, machine automation and robotics. Others were intrigued by potential roles working with water treatment and conservation, as well as large-scale sustainable agriculture, waste treatment, and fuel creation.

“Our visit to Washington D.C. and central Florida has been a wonderful, exciting and motivating learning experience,” explains Stiven Cortez of Pereira, Colombia, on behalf of the entire group of 12 Youth Ambassadors sponsored by Partners of the Americas and the U.S. Dept. of State. “We saw and learned a lot of new things, and […] we liked the green team presentation because it showed that both big and small waste conversion projects can be done through public/private partnerships. We will tell others in Colombia about this, and we want to see those types of projects done there too because around the world this is needed to help save the planet. We thank everyone who has worked with us.”

This official Florida Colombia Partners visit served as an opportunity to showcase Team Gemini’s efforts to collaborate with communities across the globe, while inspiring future generations to be stewards of sustainability.

By continually educating itself in trendsetting community models and sustainability advancements everywhere, Team Gemini seeks to integrate the best cases in sustainability from around the world, and improve upon them with its own designs.

Team Gemini looks forward to further exploring its connections with the Florida Colombia Partners, including the potential for future projects in Colombia. To learn more about Florida Colombia Partners and their initiatives, visit

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