Team Member 2G Updates U.S. Company Name, Web Site, and More

Team Member 2G Updates U.S. Company Name, Web Site, and More

With a restructuring of the U.S. subsidiary comes new leadership, web site, as well as continuing growth in the Combined Heat and Power industry.


2G Energy, Inc. (new division of 2G Cenergy)

Offering a two-for-one value in generating both thermal energy and electricity, Team Gemini works with 2G to implement a wide-ranging solution set for renewable energy production. From small-scale energy production units that are ideal for farms and similar locations, to a tailored combination of multiple CHPs to provide 100% electricity and thermal energy for large-scale industrial operations, there are few energy needs that cannot be met. Additionally, Team Gemini and its team members apply CHP technologies in novel ways, such as in expediting the plant-growing process in greenhouse applications.

In their latest (August 2015) Newsletter, 2G provides updates on new leadership transitions, the unveiling of their new web site, a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Johnston, Rhode Island, and more.


Learn more about 2G Energy, Inc. at, and visit to learn more about Team Gemini’s larger bio refinery offerings.