USDA Report Featuring Research on Biofuels and Technology Integrations Underline Strength of Bioproducts and Sustainable Agriculture

USDA Report Featuring Research on Biofuels and Technology Integrations Underline Strength of Bioproducts and Sustainable Agriculture

From topics such as nutrition, food safety, and quality, to natural resources and sustainable agricultural systems, the FY2016 USDA report extensively covers a variety of research and related downstream benefits.

Team Gemini approaches agriculture as a complex, extensive, and usually interwoven framework encompassing many details of food production, forestry products and services, water and soil resources, and more. While energy independence is one major piece of the sustainability puzzle, agricultural independence is another. Our company’s technology options cover the needs of these industries. And as global challenges increase amidst population growth and some prevalence of environmentally-harmful energy sources and industrial production, research and data on successful models and new innovations help pave the way more easily.

The USDA has released its “Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report on Technology Transfer,” which sheds light on a variety of topics related to agriculture, bioproducts, and more.

[I]ts research generated 244 new inventions and 109 patent applications during fiscal year 2016.

The 559-page report outlines the public release and adoption of information, tools and solutions developed through USDA’s agricultural research efforts, collaborative partnerships and formal Cooperative Research and Development Agreements.

The report includes information on several research initiatives related to ethanol, biomass and bioenergy.

Each primary research topic comes with dozens of assorted “downstream outcomes” that highlight practical applications and implications of improving sustainability within communities. From vegetable oils being turned into bio-plastics, to various nutrient, soil, and water profiling, the report encompasses a large range of topics that can be applicable to large industries as well as small-scale farming operations.

The benefits of sustainable agriculture present countless reasons to support a transition away from outdated and harmful farming industry practices. Team Gemini provides various options in supplying infrastructure for agricultural commodities, through companies like Artigianfer, AKVA group, Bühler, Bucher, and Viscon.

On top of that, team members like 2G Energy (combined heat and power), Viessmann (thermal energy et al), ABB (resource management and monitoring), and A3 (wastewater treatment and conservation) support all needed utilities and bioproducts generation. These companies, among others, offer outstanding technology and service options to fulfill a variety of energy efficiency, as well as resource production and processing needs for countless industries.

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