Team Gemini Utilities for Optimal Resource Use

Combining controls, monitoring, and full utilization of a variety of energy resources, Team Gemini provides an advanced utilities interface and structure that ensures optimal operations.

Electricity, water, heating and cooling, and waste are vital resources in the operations of the Renewable Energy Cluster, as well as other connected facilities or businesses.  These resources power the entire operation and serve in part as byproducts of several of the technologies themselves (for example, electricity from Solar PV and Biogas; clean water for Agriculture Technology; and wastewater sludge being diverted to a Bio Refinery).

To utilize these resources in an environmentally-friendly, sustainable, and efficient manner, components like a Micro-Grid and Water Treatment Facilities will be integrated into the cluster.  These will minimize waste of water (as water will be treated and recycled in a closed loop), minimizing the water having to be replenished while providing an integrated power supply (with 99.999% power uptime).

To learn more about Utilities for an Integrated Resource Operation, please use the Contact Page to request information or call us directly at 407.459.8510.